Past Audio

One thing audiophiles love is their history. Some critique the hobby for supporting old formats more than new ones which is true. Audiophiles didn't develop their love for vinyl with the level that they have today until the advent of the Compact Disc came to mainstream prominence. When SACD and DVD-Audio came to market with many times higher resolution digital audio that was far more "analogous" to the master tape - audiophiles Goludmundhung on to the Compact Disc. Don't even ask audiophiles what they think of Blu-ray even though you can buy the entire Pink Floyd catalog in high resolution on Blu-ray.

The history of high end audio, which is archived nicely at is one filled with personalities. How far back into history you want to go is up to you with players like James B. Lansing (JBL), Saul Marantz (Marantz) and others from the 1950s and 1960's. High end audio's hey day was in the 1970s when many of the Baby Boomer consumers came into the financial ability to invest in the higher end products that people like Dan D'agostino (Krell), Mark Levinson (Mark Levinson and Cello), Bill Johnson (Audio Research), David Wilson (Wilson Audio), Jim Thiel (THIEL speakers), Matthew Polk (Polk speakers) Gayle Sanders and Rob Sutherland (MartinLogan) and many others were designing.

Some of the best audiophile components of all time are listed below:


Cello Pre-AmpCompact Disc Player

Stereo Preamp

Wilson AudioStereo Amps


We will be sure to add more products to the list over time. Stay tuned!!!!